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Keep In Mind

keep in mind
that sky is blue
even on the edge of the world

keep in mind
that flowers grow
in every town, golden and grey

keep in mind
that wind will change
the trees, the streets, the leaves

save the sunshine
that makes the lark
feel warm in summers chest

save the mood
of morning light
until a new days dawn

save the songs
the birds told you
like poems from your dear

when you are lonely, remember
that the clouds above us are always the same

when you feel sadness remember
that the flowers in my heart grow for you

when memory hurts you, remember
that you changed my life
like the wind converts the seasons,

like the rain the land,
for roses can grow
through old leaves all about
in the snow

see the sunshine
that warms my heart
gleams from your blinking eyes

see the mood
that saves my day
lies with you on my side

see the songs
that resound my ears
are words from your lips so wise

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